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SHUN OKUBO jewellery is not for party people.

Just as life is full of happy days and sad days(or ordinary day), not every day can be like a party. We want to draw a line in the sand from the kind of “hare day” collections that so many jewellery brands celebrate. Rather, we want “SHUN OKUBO jewellery to be jewellery for oneself, for each and every day of one’s life, for each and every person’s life, for each and every day that one has to live, in the face of absurdity. In other words, an item made of gold, platinum or silver with a certain universality for an uncertain life, a “sign” of me, as certain as possible. You could call it a confirmation. Or it could be an item like the spinning “spinning top” in Christopher Nolan’s film Inception.

Kid A” is one of the most popular songs by the British band Radiohead. As with the solo music of vocalist Thom Yorke, their music can’t always be described as upbeat and positive. It is a kind of depletion, but their music, at least in my opinion, has an undeniable brilliance in this world of absurdity. At the same time, our brand doesn’t give in from the start to the deception of worldviews and promotions that many jewellery brands take for granted, in which every day is happy and full of sparkle. Rather, we want to affirm the absurdity of our lives.

Our collection “Kid A”, as many of you have noticed, was inspired by Radiohead’s album Kid A. The album’s artwork includes a glacier. The album’s artwork depicts glacier-like snow-capped mountains, and we found similarities between their silhouettes, sharp and cold, and the glistening jewellery details carved out by special metal-cutting techniques.

This may sound like a superfluous name to some, but it’s not. As mentioned above, we have our doubts about the promotion of the jewellery industry, which is just cheerful anyway. No, it’s not a question, we have great respect for many of the grand maisons, for example, those with locations in Paris at Plus de Vendôme. We just want to express our values in a different way, in a jewellry.

I have also been inspired by Radiohead a lot. Just as once when I was a student in Paris to see a performance of Merce Cunningham’s dance company, Cunningham rolled the dice and used Radiohead’s music as the songs used in the performance, Radio Head’s songs, which host some of the information and sensibility that I have accumulated in my jewellery. I think I felt inclined to entrust the background music to them. (Cunningham, who was alive at the time, barely made it out on stage in his wheelchair and rolled the dice. I couldn’t help but shed a tear.)

We want our jewellery to be for everyday, for life. We want our jewellery to be a ‘sign’ of life. And it’s not for celebrities, for example, who promote themselves as living for the holidays (although celebrities and Youtubers know that celebrities are only human when they go home). ), rather it should be jewellery for the unknown. Nevertheless, we may want to express that we are not denying the Halle, but that many things happen in life, and that jewellery will always be with people’s bodies and their lives.

Finally, ‘it is more difficult to pay respect to the history of unknown people than to the history of famous people. I close this text with a quote from the German philosopher Walter Benjamin, who said: ‘The construction of history is dedicated to the history of unknown people’.


SHUN OKUBOのジュエリーはパーティーピープルのためのものではない。

人生にはハレの日もあれば、ケの日もあるように、毎日がパーティのようにはいられない。多くのジュエリーブランドが讃えるような、ある種の”ハレの日のコレクションとは、我々は一線を引いていたい。むしろ、”SHUN OKUBOのジュエリーは自分と向き合うため、もしくは、不条理の中、どんな日でも生きていかねばならない、一人一人の人生のための、その日々のための、自分自身のためのジュエリーであって欲しいと考える。別の言い方をすれば、不確かな人生のための、ある種の普遍性を持つゴールドやプラチナやシルバーで作られた、なるべく確かな私の”しるし”としてのアイテムである。確認作業と言って良いかもしれない。あるいはクリストファー・ノーランの映画『インセプション』に出てくる回転する”コマ”のようなアイテムのように。

さて、”KID A”とは英国のバンドであるレディオヘッドの代表的な曲の一つである。ボーカルのトム・ヨークのソロの音楽でも同様だけれど、彼らの音楽は決していつも明るい前向きな楽曲であるとは言い切れないだろう。それはある種のディプレッションであるがしかし、彼らの音楽はこの不条理ばかりの世界において、否定できない輝きを放っている、と少なくとも私は思っている。同時に、多くのジュエリーブランドが当然のように毎日がハッピーで輝きに満ちているような世界観やプロモーションの欺瞞に、我々のブランドは最初から与しない。むしろ不条理を生きる我々の生を肯定したいのだ。

我々のコレクション”KID A”は、多くの皆さんがお気付きのように、レディオヘッドのアルバム『KID A』からインスピレーションを受けたものである。そのアルバムのアートワークには氷河のような雪山が描かれているが、その山のシルエットや鋭利で冷たい様と、特殊な金属カッティングの技術で削り出されたギラギラとしたジュエリーのディテールに共通点を見出したアイテムである。






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